The Swing Of Stars

Hoshi no buranko (星のブランコ) which literally means “The Swing Of Stars” is the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in Japan located in Hoshida Prefectural Park, Osaka with a length of 280 meters rising up to 50 meters above ground.  As it is a pedestrian suspension bridge that connects two mountains, people can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic […]

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Nagoya Hospitality Battalion Corps

I was amazed at how legit these performers were when I went to Nagoya castle last summer. The reenactment of samurais and ninjas were so immersive that every sword fight, backflip, and stunt somehow takes you back to the epic ‘ol times. The performers are from 名古屋おもてなし武将隊 which literally means, “Nagoya Hospitality Battalion Corps”. It’s quite […]

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Oh Deer

Nara Park (奈良公園 Nara Kōen) is one of the oldest national parks in Japan where over 1000 deer roam freely in the open. I got time to capture some photos of these sacred deer. They are thought to be as the messenger of the Gods. Most of the time they are chill but they could get […]

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